Zoom Lifts 40 Minute Ban for the Holidays

Due to COVID-19, Thanksgiving for many families across the United States looks very different. In response to public health officials encouraging families to help mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus by not participating in large gatherings, many families will not have their traditional get-togethers.

To help families stay connected Zoom will be lifting their 40-minute time limit on free meetings from midnight ET on November 26 through 6am ET on November 27.

Normally, paid Zoom membership packages range from $150-$200 which gives host access to unlimited meeting time. However, if a host chooses to stick with the free membership package, their meeting time is capped at 40 minutes.

In addition to lifting its time constraints in the US, Zoom will lift the restraints in places like Sydney, London, and Taipei as part of its global Thanksgiving Initiative.

Source: Good News Network