Zimbabwe Musicians Create New Gospel Group

Loice Namatai Chinyerere (left) and Taziwa Brian Mbwizhu sing during the launch of their album at 7 Arts Avondale, a music venue in Harare, Zimbabwe. Source: UM News

A new musical ensemble in Zimbabwe is using their passion for music to spread the good news. Composed of three young adults and two youth, the group of musicians from Mabvuku United Methodist Church in Zimbabwe are taking gospel music to another level.

One of the members of the group, Loice Namatai Chinyerere, 25-years-old, said, “Since 2014. I have taken music as part of my life. I am complimenting my parents’ ministries by taking gospel music to another level. Through my music, I have been accorded the ambassadorial status by Kubatana.net, a community organization.”

Despite earning a Bachelor’s degree in computer science from Harare Institute of Technology, Namatai’s passion remained music. She said, “All this started when I joined the Inner Praise Team of the UMC.”

In 2016, she recorded her first album and three years later recorded her second.

Darlington Marara, Namatai’s music manager, said, “Her music soothes the heart. It gives people hope. I have personally witnessed people getting delivered and giving testimonies about her music. It brings you closer to God.”

Namatai’s brother, Muriwangu Chinyerere, said, “Namatai has chosen to serve full time in the gospel music industry and aims to win many souls to Christ. She started her music career in the UMC, and it was well received. Now it has extended to other denominations and various walks of life.

“She is very dedicated to music because she genuinely believes in what she sings and in evangelizing through music for the transformation of the world.”

Despite the difficulties associated with financing recording sessions, Namatai’s family does the best they can to support her work. Singers themselves, Namati’s father Brian Chinyere expressed his commitment to help his daughter reach her dreams.

Singing hymns at a young age in church, her father describes her as confident, “She is committed, strives to accomplish any goals that she sets and is confident. She changes the tone of the church service.”

Another member of the group, Taziwa Brian Mbwizhu, 27-years-old, is an upcoming recording artist in his own right.

Taziwa began singing at age 9, and by age13 had joined his local church choir.

The two have partnered with others to form a group that they are hoping will help lead others to Christ, showcase their gifts, and demonstrate that singing can be more than just a pastime, but a career that glorifies God.

To watch performances by Namatai Chinyerere and Taziwa Mbwizhu please click on the links below:

Source: UM News