Young Boy Recreates Toy Story Scene for First Day of School

Source: Sean Donnelly-SWNS

Vinny Donnelly’s first day of school photo has gone viral ‘to infinity and beyond.’

Vinny, a four year old resident of Leicestershire, England, a huge fan of the Pixar Toy Story series of films has collected the toys of Mr. Potato Head, Woody, and Buzz Lightyear.

Imitating the scene from Toy Story 3, when Andy when he headed off the college, to mark his first day of school, Vinny stood his toys up and waved them goodbye which his father captured in a photo. 

The photo struck a chord and has since gone viral after its post on Facebook, receiving tens of thousands of likes and shares from people around the world.

Vinny’s parents are proud of him as he begins this new journey.  They remarked, “Lots of people found it emotional and said it made them cry, but I wanted it to look like his future was bright. It’s been quite tough for all children really this year.”

The family plans to blow up the photo and put it on Vinny’s wall.

Source: Good News Network