WWII vet celebrating his 97th birthday July 4th thanks God

When World War II veteran Clyde Case describes his life, he has one thing to say: “God has been good to me.”

Clyde served in the Pacific flying B-24 airplanes during WWII from 1941 to the end of the war in 1945.

“I loved flying in that B-24,” said Clyde who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


“I was in there, seemed to me, like a lifetime. But I was sure glad to be flying.”


His job was to shoot down any incoming enemy planes, while other members of his crew were targeting enemy ships and submarines.

“I was in there, seemed to me, like a lifetime,” said Clyde. “But I was sure glad to be flying.”

Clyde loved flying but met the true love of his life when the war was over.

“She took me around her desk, and I said, ‘Man, you’re the most beautiful girl I ever saw,’” said Clyde.

Clyde was talking about the woman who would become his wife for 70 years, Colleen.

“God fixed it all up for us,” said Clyde.

Colleen passed away three years ago, and there’s not a day that goes by when Clyde doesn’t miss her.

“I just couldn’t be without her; it’s killing me that she ain’t here,” said Clyde.

Clyde still lives at home by himself. He had two kids with Colleen, and his son passed away this year. His daughter, Susanne, visits and cares for him.

“I have had a wonderful life. I have enjoyed my life,” said Clyde.

Clyde’s got a special birthday coming up.

He’ll be 97 on July 4. He’s a Fourth of July baby.

“I was born on the Fourth of July, so I’m a real American,” said Clyde, jokingly.

The big birthday is just another stepping stone for Clyde. He’s hoping to live to 105.

“I’ll be a centurion in three years,” said Clyde.

There’s something you can do, too, is send him a birthday card. Let him know, he’s got lots of people who’re grateful he’s here.

Letters can be sent to:

Attn: Clyde Case
8732 S. Hudson Ave
Tulsa, OK 73137

Source: KTUL