Women Support COVID-19 Outreach with Native Americans

The Rev. Donna Pewo (right), of connectional ministries for the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference distributing supplies. Source: UM News

The National Network of Korean United Methodist Women connected with the Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference, which includes 81 Native American United Methodist churches representing more than 45 tribes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas, to provide support during the global pandemic.

“I shared the need for basic necessities of winter items that included socks, stocking caps, scarves, cloth masks, sanitizer and water bottles,” Rev. David Wilson, assistant to the bishop at Oklahoma Indian Missionary, told United Methodist News. “[Lee] shared the information with the network, and within a few weeks, the items began to arrive at our office in Oklahoma City.”

Among the items received were clothing items, hand sanitizer, water bottles 6,000 cloth masks, and a check for $8,000.

“It has been a joy to share your gifts with all of the churches in OIMC,” said Sung-Ok Lee, UMW connectional officer. “We have been able to take them personally to ministries in Kansas such as the Kahbeah Fellowship on the Kickapoo Reservation in Horton and the Wichita Indian UMC. We have shared with urban ministries such as Tulsa Indian UMC and in places such as the Petarsy UMC in southwest Oklahoma.”

Masks were sent to all 81 churches in the conference, as well as to schools that relate to OIMC congregations.

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