Woman Reunited with Special Teddy Bear Containing Late Mother’s Words

One of the most difficult parts of life is grappling with the loss of a loved one – especially when that loved one is a parent. Leaving only memories and few possessions behind, we cherish these items for the rest of our lives which help us cope and persevere.

Mara Soriano lost her mother, Marilyn, to cancer.  One of their last moments together was visiting a Build-A-Bear workshop and her mother recording her voice for the teddy bear telling her daughter she loved her.  Affectionately called, “Mama Bear,” 28 year-old Mara’s teddy bear was in her bookbag with some electronics and a Nintendo Switch when it was stolen back in July.  

Seeking to get her bear back, she posted online that her bear was stolen, and it caught the attention of a viewer. Mara’s appeal went viral on the internet and she began posting signs and posters in an attempt to receive “Mama Bear.”  She dug through dumpsters, and encouraged anyone to follow up with her with prospective leads.

Then Canadian actor Ryan Reynold posted a plea for the bear to be returned offering a $5,000 reward “no questions asked”. Reynold wrote, “I think we all need this bear to come home.”

In a true social media miracle, Mara received an email from a good Samaritan who informed her they had her bear. Initially skeptical it might be a scam, Mara decided on a safe meeting place with a member of the local media present. 

To her surprise, it was not and two people walked up and returned her bear.  

“I’m not gonna lie I kind of buckled. As soon as I saw (him) pull her out of the bag… I just started sobbing and I grabbed her out of his hands and I couldn’t let her go,” she told CTV. 

Tweeting a thank you message to Ryan Reynolds, she said, “BREAK OUT THE @AviationGin, @VancityReynolds! MAMA BEAR IS HOME!”

Source: Good News Network