West Michigan Community Unites to Make-A-Wish Come True

5-year-old Hunter in his Spinosaurus costume Source: Make-A-Wish

Not every wish can come true overnight, but with a the help of a village, proper planning, and determination, the Make-A-Wish Foundation is helping the family of 5-year-old Hunter make his wish come true.

After experiencing sharp pains in his legs, Hunter’s parents took him to their local pediatrician where he was diagnosed with leukemia. Happy, upbeat and cheerful, Hunter’s parents said he never acted sick or allowed his diagnosis to temper his enthusiasm for dinosaurs.

Throughout this experience, Hunter’s parents shared Hunter’s wish to become a dinosaur for the day. Wanting to help make that come true, the organizers at the Make-A-Wish Foundation began to hatch a plan.

Wanting to do more than just give Hunter a cool dinosaur costume, they went the extra mile to give him the full dinosaur experience..  Wearing his dinosaur costume, organizers partnered with the local John Ball Park Zoo to have Hunter “hatch” from a dinosaur egg before cruising around town as a Spinosaurus. 

With the support and collaboration of friends, close supporters, board members, public safety officials, media, committee members, and strangers, the entire West Michigan community came together to make Hunter’s wish come true. 

Upon learning that a Spinosaurus was on the loose, the Grand Rapids Police and Fire Departments attempt to catch the young dinosaur to no avail. Local news stations covered the breaking news story, where bystanders were interviewed in real-time. 

Hunter would even go on to battle a T-rex before returning to his act after a journey that made everyone smile and brought an entire community together.

According to Hunter’s parents, everyone just had a roaring good time.

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Source: Make-A-Wish