Volunteers Rally to Support Rescue Workers

As Nicolette Daniel wheeled her cart of chicken tenders, fries and deep-fried Oreos from between intersections to reach police officers stationed outside of the collapsed Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida, she yelled to a colleague, “They can’t leave their spot.”

When Sgt. Patricia Vazquez was approached by Nicolette, she thanked her for the offered meal, but declined. Vazquez said, “So many people have been coming by with food. Somebody just came by here with 50 Big Macs.”

Making her way to the next officer, Nicolette informed the officer that if she changed her mind, there was plenty of food for her.

Determined to feed the first responders assisting in the rescue and recovery efforts following the collapse of the condominium building,. Nicolette and her husband hired  food truck operator, Robert Martinez, to prepare 350 meals for officers.

Martinez, the owner of a circus-themed food truck business in Miami-Dade County, said, “Once we got the call to come help out and do whatever we can, there was no decision to make. It was like, `Let’s go!’”

Setting himself up in the parking lot of Casa Church, Martinez and his crew got to work preparing meals. Simultaneously, church members were working inside to distribute water and other supplies.

Additionally, Pastor Ezequiel Fattore opened the doors of Casa Church to workers seeking a brief respite from the Florida sun for brief respites.

Fattore started giving the rescue workers the gatorades the church had in the refrigerator before heading to Costco to purchase $600 worth of donations. Additionally, with the support of other congregations in the area, several rooms have been turned into storage areas to receive shipments of donations to assist officers and families impacted.

Fattore said the outpouring from volunteers has strengthened his faith stating that the collective actions of caring people around the world “gives hope for humanity.”

Source: Washington Post