Virginia Pastor Turns His Bike’s Theft Into a New Community Outreach Project

Pastor Robbie Pruitt fixing a bike Source: Good News Network

For most people, having property stolen from them feels like a violation.

When local Virginia Pastor Robbie Pruitt’s bike was stolen last September, he didn’t allow his anger and frustration to stifle his compassionate Christian impulses. 

While looking for a replacement bike, he noticed that his options were limited.  He mused whether the lack of a good selection of bikes was pandemic related, and what if the person who had taken his had done so out of a need for transportation to get to work.

Inspired to help people in need of transportation, the assistant director at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Leesburg, Virginia, created a Facebook group advertising to fix bikes free of charge for anyone in need.

Additionally, he put out a call for unwanted bikes that he could repair and donate to individuals in need of transportation but did not have money to buy a bike.

The day of Pruitt’s post, Pruitt received 30 used bicycles. In the immediate days that followed, Pruitt became inundated with more than 500 queries from individuals who either had bikes to donate or bikes that needed fixing.

By the end of December, Pruitt had refurbished nearly 140 bikes for donation or to be returned to their owners.

Further, Pruitt does not just fix the bikes, but has begun working with youth in the neighborhood teaching them how to fix bikes, while developing practical skills such as teamwork, resilience, and self-esteem.

“You’re certainly providing a service, but it’s not the bikes,” said Pruitt. “It’s the relationships in the community. It’s the impact you can make with people.”

Source: Good News Network