UMC of Congo Relaunches Radio Stations

After more than 12 years of silence, Radio Méthodiste Lokole (Lokole Methodist Radio) has returned to the airways.

The radio station affiliated with the United Methodist Church in Congo reaches millions of people in Kinshasa and its surrounding areas.

Relaunched back in July, with the support of a United Methodist Communications grant, Radio Méthodiste Lokole was able to purchase new equipment to meet the latest audiovisual regulations.

Among the first Christian radio stations in Kinshasa, Lokole is the first and oldest United Methodist radio station in the Congo. Initially created 21 years ago, the ministry goals of the radio station are to evangelize, educate and inform United Methodist faithful and members of other religious denominations.

According to Pierre Omadjela, field project manager for United Methodist Communications’ Global Communications Technology team, “At the beginning the radio was very successful. But it broke down in 2002 when the radio transmitter was damaged.”

With the support of the United Methodist Church, Lokole was able to purchase a 2,000-watt transmitter that helps the station’s program cover almost 4,000 square miles in a region inhabited by about 17 million people that includes both the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo.

Following the successful launch of Radio Méthodiste Lokole, Henriette Kumakana, director of Lokole Methodist Radio, said The United Methodist Church in the Central Congo Episcopal Area needs a radio station — especially during a pandemic.

She said, “radio has the capacity to reach the same places that we can reach in one year of evangelization. Through the radio, our faithful, the population of Kinshasa and part of our faithful in Brazzaville, can follow our preaching and messages of encouragement and exhortation.”

In the area where less than 20% of the population has access to the internet, FM radio is a practical and effective way to reach the masses. Currently, Kinshasa has a population of more than 15 million people and through the broadcast of the radio station to help the church reach souls for Christ.

Source: United Methodist News