UMC Bishops Receive A Raise

Source: United Methodist News

In a June 24 vote of the General Council on Finance and Administration board of the United Methodist Church, bishops who have taken on additional work during the course of the pandemic will receive bonuses.

The measure came as a result of bishops having to oversee multiple conferences due to a combination of retirements, death, and/or medical leave. In addition to their regular salary, 15 U.S.-based UMC bishops will receive an additional $1,500 a month for their extra work and a bishop in the Philippines will receive a supplemental $750 a month. (The variation is designed to account for the different salary structures in each region.)

Each stipend will represent 11% of each bishop’s monthly compensation and will be paid retroactively to the start of when each bishop began their additional assignment for applicable months.

“The GCFA board wishes to recognize the service and sacrifice these dedicated clergy have made, answering the call of the church selflessly,” said the Rev. Sheila B. Ahler, a board member from the North Carolina Conference, in a statement.

Prior to the pandemic, denominational officials were concerned about the denomination’s Episcopal Fund — which supports the work of bishops — running out of money. However, due to a combination of increased giving and expense reductions the fund is much healthier.For more information please read the General Council on Finance and Administration press release.

Source: United Methodist News