UFC Champ Fights to Help His Community

Dustin Poirier with youth from Lafayette, Louisiana Source: Good News Network

Not only is Dustin Poirier #1 in the UFC lightweight rankings, but he’s also #1 in the hearts of kids and their parents in Lafayette, Louisiana.

When the 32-year-old former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion wanted to give back to his hometown, he and his only had to travel to their closet for inspiration.

Seeking to help his hometown, he and his high school sweetheart-turned-wife Jolie began auctioning off their clothes for a new nonprofit called “The Good Fight” dedicated to helping underserved communities in their local Acadiana region.

The fighter first auctioned off memorabilia from the Poirier vs Eddie Alvarez fight which helped provide 3,000 meals for Second Harvest Food Bank.

After hearing the story of a young boy in a wheelchair whose dying wish was to have a handicap playground in the community, Jolie and Poirier had a playground built with specially-built equipment for children with special needs.

Poirier remarked he felt “really proud” and really happy to be able to help the young boy’s dream come true.

“I can be the tough guy, travel all around the world, get in bloody fights,” he told KLFY News. “(But) I can come home, and I’m still dad. I can play barbies. It really balances me out.”

Additionally, The Good Fight supports former UFC fighter Justin Wren’s campaign to support Pygmy tribes in sub-Africa digging water wells, solar power, and purchasing land for Uganda Batwa tribe 43 acres of purchased land.

Since the COVID outbreak, the couple has amped up their giving by organizing a Thanksgiving Food Drive and providing meals for local shelters.

In 2021, The Good Fight plans to fund transportation and tutoring at all 6 locations of The Boys & Girls Clubs of Acadiana. Currently, the kids have transportation from school to the clubs, but do not have a ride home in the evening—which reduces attendance dramatically.

“I am a fighter. It’s what I do. Now I want to fight the good fight—for those who can’t,” says Poirier. “I have created a platform for fellow athletes and fans to join together, fight for underserved communities and answer the call of those in need.”

Source: Good News Network