Twins Invited to Join Royal Ballet School

Ten-year-old identical twins have been invited to join the royal ballet. The twins, Evelyn and Isla Hoyle, have been dancing together since they were three.

The Bristol twins were selected to join the school’s Associate Programme which offers gifted youth an opportunity to train once a week with members of the school.

The Associate Programme was initially created in 1948 to nurture young dancers aged from eight to 17. Entry into the school is extremely rare and competitive – only 10-15 percent of those who audition are successful.

The girls’ mother, Fiona Hoyle said, “They started ballet at the age of three. I did subconsciously think at the back of my mind that only one of them might make it – but I decided not to think about that…They wanted to do it together and they never really considered that they wouldn’t both make it.”

Currently, the twins attend Redmaids’ High Junior School. Expressing excitement over the twins selection, the headmistress of the girls’ school Lisa Brown, said it was a “significant achievement.”

Excited about this new opportunity, Evelyn and Isla expressed jubilation about being able to study with the masters at the Royal Ballet School.

Source: Daily Mail