Truett Theological Seminary Launches New Program

Baylor University Waco, Texas. Source: Baptist Standard

Baylor University’s Truett Theological Seminary launches a Program for the Future Church. The goal of the program is to bring together researchers and leaders currently serving in congregations to identify problems and solutions.

The program will be headed by Angela Gorrell, assistant professor of practical theology, and Dustin Benac, visiting assistant professor of practical theology and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow. Additional supporting program faculty will include professors, church and community leaders, and student emerging leaders.

Hoping to serve as a bridge between the academy and the pew, Professor Benac noted, “Our hope is that we can be a good partner and a good bridge builder, Collaboration is the way forward for the future church.”

This organizers hope will empower the program to be able to address tough issues such as how churches respond to mental health concerns or how churches can prevent pastoral burnout. Additional topics include transitioning from in-person only engagement to mixed media church ministry opportunities to maximize the use of technology.

Professor Gorrell emphasized the importance of engaging diverse constituencies in the crafting of solutions so the church remains an inclusive space capable of bridging cultural boundaries.

Gorrell said, “We are working to put together research hubs of practitioners, academics and students who are at different levels of their education, with the goal of the research hub to have practitioners and academics work together to pilot solutions.”

The program plans to start implementing conferences and major programming in upcoming Fall ‘21 and Spring ‘22 semesters.

Source: Baptist Standard