Toy Horse Becomes Local Sensation

In a remarkable turn of events, an old stuffed animal horse toy that was left outside for disposal has begun a new life as a town celebrity in Norfolk, English.

The horse’s journey began in Hethersett where a grieving husband was cleaning out his house and discovered the stuffed animal horse and placed it on the curb for disposal. Next, some children picked the horse up and began playing with him and afterwards left him in a grassy field.  Afterwards, a lady on Facebook posted to if anybody had lost a stuffed animal horse.

“The next thing we knew, he got put outside someone’s door, and she took him in and named him Derek Trotter,” said resident Kim Rout.

Since then, Derek has since trotted from home to home, with villagers keeping close tabs on his whereabouts.  A Facebook group of fans has even been created called Derek Trotter the Globetrotting Pony and has almost 400 followers.

Derek receives regular walks from members of the community and even gained a new friend in the form of a smaller horse toy that has begun mysteriously appearing alongside Derek while grazing. 

Remarking on this remarkable journey, 15 year old Kim said, “It feels like it’s come at just the right time, what with everyone having been in lockdown…It’s really brightened up the village. People have told me that they sit and wait for posts on the Facebook page, to see where the boys have been and what they’ve been up to.”

Source: Good News Network