Town Gives UPS Delivery Man A “Special Delivery”

Delivery drivers are often one the underappreciated essential workers that help ensure we have happy holidays. Whether it’s rushing to deliver packages during the onslaught before Christmas or just maintaining their usual routes to make sure we get what we need, their faithfulness was not going to be forgotten by one Pennsylvania town.

For local UPS driver, Chad Turns, delivering packages with a smile and helping ensure items arrive in a timely manner is the norm. Despite traditional holiday surges in shipping, the COVID-19 pandemic exasperated this traditional strain as shipping packages reached record levels.

Seeking to reward Turns for his exemplary work ethic, the citizens of Dauphin, Pennsylvania pitched-in to provide Turns a “special delivery.” Initially, a goal was set to raise just $500, however, once the word got out, the town was able to collect more than $1,000.

Dauphin resident Adam Shickley remarked, “The whole town has had personal experience with Chad. He once thought a package was a gift and there was a picture on the front. My kids were playing outside so he waited until his shift was done and came back to make sure they didn’t see it.”

With the help of some of Turns’ coworkers, the community surprised turns when he arrived at the municipal building for a fictional end of day pickup. Upon Turns’ arrival, instead of receiving a package, Turns found a group of people waving thank-you signs, cards from local families, and tons of smiling faces to present him with $1,000.

Tear-struck, Turns said, “It was very overwhelming. The idea that they even thought of me to do anything… To go above and beyond and do what they did was truly amazing to me.”

“Celebrations like this really highlight the bond our drivers have with their customer base,” UPS spokesperson Jackie Fajt said in a statement. “Chad is a great UPSer and has been delivering to Dauphin residents for more than a decade.”

This “special delivery” to Dauphin, Pennsylvania’s local delivery man is a reminder that no task is too small that it cannot be appreciated by others.

Source: CNN