Tornado destroys girls leukemia medicine, Children’s hospital stepping in

Shana Belcher and her 14-year-old daughter Kelsey are speechless seeing their once home now uninhabitable.

“I called it home,” Kelsey Belcher said. “I had wonderful people around and it’s hard to see it.”

The tornado, ripping right through, taking nearly everything with it.


“The grace of God. That’s who’s been keeping me strong and going through it.”


“We were huddled over the dryer and the washer, the kids kept praying so loud to god, just let it end and just to stop,” said her mother, Shana Belcher.

The family of 6 all fighting for their lives as the wind blew off this closet door where they were hiding. However, Kelsey is used to putting up a fight, having type 1 diabetes and also battling leukemia.

“I was scared,” said Kelsey. “It was terrifying because I didn’t understand.”

When rummaging through the aftermath, Kelsey found all 15 of her cancer related medicines and insulin supply contaminated, making $4,000 worth of vital, monthly medication, unusable.

“They are just child proof lids and they were just taken off and debris was sitting inside of them,” said Shana. “It was just we had nothing, nothing.”

Without even a roof over their heads, nothing else mattered to the Belchers, other than getting Kelsey’s medicine.

“It scared me,” Kelsey said. “I thought I wasn’t going to have anything, but we got it.”

Dayton Children’s Hospital, stepped in, the Belchers said giving Kelsey all new medicine for free.

“The grace of God,” Kelsey added. “That’s who’s been keeping me strong and going through it.”

We reached out to Dayton Children’s hospital and have not been given a comment back. The Belchers said Kelsey is restarting her chemotherapy backup every other day. Right now, they are focusing on getting a new home. They also hope to get a new car to transport Kelsey to her medical appointments because that too, was destroyed.

Source: ABC22