Toddler Reunited with Family After 24 Years

Guo Gangtang and his son reunify after 24 years. Source: USA Today

Thanks to DNA tracing, Guo Gangtang was able to locate his son who was kidnapped in 1997 at age from their home in Shandong, China.

Police with China’s Ministry of Public Security said they suspected the traffickers wished to either ransom the toddler or sell him as a laborer. According to the Global Times report, the two suspects in custody are a couple who trafficked minors from Shandong to the neighboring province of Henan.

Using the latest DNA testing and criminology strategies, the Ministry of Public Safety has engaged in a comprehensive crackdown in an attempt to return missing and exploited children.

The reunion of Guo Gangtang with his son was broadcast live on Chinese state television CCTV. During the reunion the mother cried, “My baby, you came back.”

“Now that the child has been found, everything can only be happy from now on,” Gangtang said during the reunion. “It is an important day for me.”

Following the disappearance of his son, Gangtang traveled more than 310,000 miles on his motorbike sweeping nearby communities in hopes of finding his child. Stirred by his personal experience of child abduction, Gangtang works to reunite other families in China with their children.

Gangtang’s story inspired the 2015 film “Lost and Love” starring Andy Lau and Jing Boran.

Boran told the South China Morning Post, “I’d like to say to Brother Guo that I admire your persistence.”

Elated about the reunification, Gangtang and his son, now in his 20s, are going through the process of healing as they get to know each other and grow as a family.

Source: USA Today