Texas Church Helps Resettle Refugees

Following the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan, federal military installations have seen a massive influx of Afghan refugees. The Dallas-Forth Worth area, home to Fort Hood – the largest military installation in the continental U.S. – has felt this most keenly.

Dominating global news cycles for weeks, it came as no surprise when World Relief – a global refugee assistance organization – contacted Northwood Church Global Senior Pastor Bob Roberts asking for assistance to help settle the displaced families.

According to Roberts, the news made it clear that Afghani refugees were coming, and he had already begun preparing his North Texas congregation.

“Every day, we’re told the first families could arrive today, or it might be a week from now,”  he remarked. “Right now, they are housed in U.S. military bases, just waiting to be resettled.”

Training more than 150 congregants and members of the community to provide assistance, the Keller, Texas based congregation was prepared to answer the call they knew was coming.

“We began training our people—not only about resettlement, but also Afghan culture. We want to make sure we go slow and be culturally sensitive,” Roberts said.

Organized into 10 ministry teams, upon arrival, volunteers will help the refugees move into apartments, provide transportation, and give  assistance finding jobs.

Additionally, Roberts noted, “Our people already have raised between $60,000 and $70,000” to assist the refugee families.

Not Northwood’s first foray into the ministry with the people of Afghanistan, for more than twenty years following the attacks of 9/11 the church has been building schools and equipping missionaries to help educate girls and children in rural communities.

Roberts hopes that by meeting the refugees with care and compassion it will help begin the healing process that has plagued two countries at war looking for peace and stability.

Source: Baptist Standard