Tennessee High School Student Collect 10,000 Masks to Underprivileged Communities

Ben Beard (far right) and students at his local high school with mask they have collected. Source: Good News Network

A local group of Tennessee High school students collected over 10,000 masks to distribute to individuals who are unable to afford them.

The effort organized by Ben Beard and Ty Anderson began when the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly interrupted their college plans.  Ben told reporters, “We were all working hard on our academics, looking for ways to volunteer in our communities and have well-rounded college resumes. Then everything came to a halt.”

Spurred into action by the crisis around him, Ben and his friends discovered the organization, Mask Now TN distributes masks to less privileged communities and essential workers. Given the high demand for masks, the high school students decided to help.

Together, the students motivated their colleagues at Independence High School to gather donations through online fliers, social media, and other creative avenues.

Ty said, “Everyone we reached out to in Williamson County were just so generous.”

Within six weeks the students had collected 10,000 masks for Mask Now TN.

Ben’s younger brother Andrew who had been working to collect masks remarked, “Getting our eyes off of our own problems and finding a way to help others who have just had it so much harder than we have through this whole crisis has been so empowering for us as students.”

Source: Good News Network