Tennessee deputy buys tires for stranded, single mom broken down on side of road

Just when a single mom was down on her luck, stranded on the side of the road with yet another flat tire, a Rutherford County deputy went above and beyond the call of service, and even restored some faith while doing so.

Erica Goldberg Senecal is feeling grateful after Deputy Chris Finley came to her aide last week.

Senecal was parked on the side of the highway with a second flattened tired – she was already driving with a donut.

Deputy Finley saw the disabled vehicle and stopped.

“This man is my latest hero,” Senecal wrote on Facebook. “Earlier this week, when I was stuck on the side of the road, his cruiser–seeming to come out of nowhere–appeared in my rearview mirror”.

Deputy Finley tried to change the tires, but the lug nuts wouldn’t budge, so he decided seek help at Bud’s Tires just up the street.

“She had two blown tires and she didn’t have the money to fix it,” Finley said.

Meanwhile, Senecal was calling her mom, trying to figure out how she would pay for the latest flat on her car.

The mom’s ‘hero deputy’ returned and this time he wasn’t alone. Deputy Finley had a mechanic from Bud’s in tow, ready to fix the flat.

But there was more.

“Chris said, ‘By the way, I am giving you three more tires so you can be safe on the road,’” Senecal said.

Deputy Finley had asked Bud’s for a set of used tired he could by for the single mom. He even went to the tire shop with Senecal to make sure everything turned out alright.

“I cried. After we got the car to the shop, I thanked him and the mechanics again and again. He handed me a business card with 2 bible verses he’d written. “Something inside me told me to stop and help you.” I smiled because I understood; I’d been praying for days, waiting for God to supply. I never expected my responder to be from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department.” – Erica Goldberg Senecal wrote on Facebook

Senecal thinks God had a hand in this.

“I do believe God orchestrated this,” Senecal said. “I was praying specifically for help and God provided Chris.”

Source: Fox 17