Ten Percent Drives Strengthen Stewardship

In response to declining engagement during the pandemic, Senior Pastor Gregory Perkins of The View Church organized a new stewardship campaign to help congregates see the relationship between discipleship and their giving.

Using the Southern Baptist Convention’s “Ten Percent: A Call to Biblical Stewardship,” campaign as his model, the California pastor was successfully able to increase giving by 12% during the first quarter of 2021.

“I wanted people to have an encounter with God. … COVID had caused people to kind of forget who God is,” said Perkins, who used the resource the first six weeks of 2021. “They had become a bit relaxed in their pursuit of Him, so this was a really good reminder of who God is, and the added benefit is that it also increased revenue.”

The Ten Percent stewardship campaigns six topical exhortation sermons and companion small group studies, Perkins said he found very helpful.

“It was just really, really, really helpful to us, not only the principles but the packaging,” Perkins said, “because as a pastor, [Ten Percent] gave me the sermons, … gave me the small groups materials, all the exegetical work was done. All I had to do was contextualize the illustrations.”

As of 2017, the average American family gives only 2.1 percent of their income to the church, a smaller percentage than the 3.2 percent given during the Great Depression.

A tool Perkins believes transformed his church, Perkins believes only by making the connections between stewardship and discipleship can Christians grow into healthy disciples.

Source: Baptist Press