Tempe Police Officers Brighten 4-Year-Old’s Day

Tempe Police Officers pose with Gerald Philbrook. Source: KIRO 7

After reading a Facebook post by 4-year-old Gerald Philbrook’s father complaining about his son’s toy tractor being stolen, Patrol Sergeant Andrew Brooks and the officers of the Tempe Officers Association jumped into action.

Gerald and his father had found the tractor a little more than a year ago and had bonded working together to repair it. When the tractor was lost, little Gerald missed not only the toy but the sentimental time he could spend playing with the toy and his dad.

Initially, the officers organized a search for the missing tractor, however, after several unsuccessful attempts, the officers partnered with the local Wal-Mart a brand new replica John Deere tractor.

When presented with the new tractor by the police officers, Gerald was elated and started tearing up. In addition to the new tractor, the officers gave him a personalized license plate and bumper sticker.

Overjoyed, Gerald replied to the officers that put a smile on his face, “This is actually cooler than the other one!”

Source: KIRO 7