Teenager Runs Into Burning Building to Rescue Families

Lily Swanson of Lancashire. Source: Lancashire Post

On the evening of August 24, Lily Swanson of Lancanshire, England while walking the family Rottweiler Isobel noticed a home on Hough Lane was ablaze.

Thinking quickly, the 14-year-old leaped into action. Lily said, “I knew they needed help fast and I had to get home and call 999.”

Jonny Nottingham, the Leyland fire station manager and onsite incident commander the night of the fire, said Lily showed “maturity and calmness beyond her years”

Running home, Lily woke her dad and they immediately called the emergency services as clouds of black smoke began to fill the air and neighboring blocks. Lily said, “As soon as I called the fire brigade, we ran back outside and we could see people hanging out the window.

“It had only been a minute or two since I first saw the smoke but as we were running over to help them, one of the windows blew off and fell into the street,” she said.

Lily’s father, Mike Swanson, 42, grabbed his ladders and took off to the scene of the fire. Setting up his ladders, he began helping families trapped inside just minutes before the entire flat was ablaze.

Upon the arrival of Fire and Rescue Services, Mike was relieved and first-responders assumed control of the scene.

Mike admits the initial idea to use ladders to reach the trapped residents was really Lily’s idea. Thanks to Lily’s keen awareness, no injuries were fatal, despite several persons receiving severe burns.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Source: Lancashire Post