Teenager Returns Lost Wallet

When Chris Person lost his wallet at his neighborhood Publix, he was on the verge of panicking. In what seemed like just a few minutes according to Person, he retraced his steps frantically with mother and worked with store staff to review surveillance footage.

Alarmed that he would need to contact his bank and credit providers, Person offered a $100 reward for its return. However, later that evening to Person’s surprise 15-year-old Lucas Perry and his father Eduardo arrived at Person’s front door with his wallet.

Apparently, Person’s wallet had been discovered by Lucas after it fell out of his pocket.

Relieved to have his wallet returned, Person offered Lucas $100 but the teen refused.

“They all refused my offer to keep the money that was inside it, they only wanted to do the right thing—and they did,” Chris said. “Eduardo was adamant about teaching his children the impact of a selfless, honest act, but I have a strong feeling these two teens would have done it anyway.”

Source: iHeart