Teenager Organizes Blood Drive for Children’s Hospital

Eden Jackson decided she wanted to spend her summer differently than many of her peers. Instead of getting a summer job or going to camp, the 16-years-old Nebraska native is spending her summer volunteering with the Red Cross.

In May, Jackson’s sister, Violet, was diagnosed with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. As part of her treatment at Omaha’s Children’s Hospital, Jackson’s 6-year-old sister has to receive periodic blood transfusions. Thankfully, due to the generosity of blood donors, blood has been available each time Violet has needed a transfusion.

To help “pay it forward,” and express gratitude, Eden has been working with the Red Cross to organize her own blood drive to help children at the hospital like her sister. Inspired by Violet’s story, Eden’s slots quickly filled up. Seeking to build upon the success of her most recent drive, Eden is hoping to educate Americans about the importance of donating blood and how it can save lives.

Currently, blood supplies globally are running extremely low due to the pandemic. Eden said, “It was great to see it all fill up so fast and know that we brought awareness to the need for blood and that it can help people.”

To find out more about how you can support blood drives in your local area please visit www.redcross.org

Source: The Week