Teenager Conducts Daily Act of Kindness

Sebbie Hall picture in front of donated hundred of Easter eggs she distributed. Source: BBC

In March of 2020, Sebbie Hall, a teenager from Lichfield, Staffordshire began performing daily acts of kindness to raise £1,000 to support charitable causes.

Hall, 18-years-old, hoped that his acts of kindness would help individuals and families who were feeling lonely during the pandemic. To date, with the help of his mother, Ashley, he has raised nearly £40,000 The Sebbie Hall Kindness Foundation.

“He just wants to keep going,” Mrs Hall said.

Some of the acts of kindness he did included collecting coats to give to the homeless, hiding Easter eggs around the village, and around Halloween collecting pumpkin donations to be used for pumpkin soup to feed the homeless and others in need, purchasing lottery tickets that he handed to strangers with “no strings attached”.

One of the charitable causes that benefited was a group working to create inclusive IT equipment for young people who have disabilities like Sebbie, who suffers from learning and physical difficulties stemming from a rare chromosome anomaly which has resulted in low muscle tone and speech problems.

Additionally, funds were used to support the creation of arts and sports activities for youth with disabilities feeling lonely and/or isolated due to the pandemic.

In recognition of his hard work, Sebbie was invited by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to attend their annual carol concert at Westminster Abbey.

Sebbie’s mother remarked that “He’s had letters from Boris Johnson, the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire.”

Sebbie is even considered to be on the shortlist for a Pride of Britain award.

“He had about £150 in cash for his 18th birthday and he insisted on putting it on his JustGiving page. We said ‘no Sebbie, that’s money for you to spend’, but he said it would make him happier to donate it,” Mrs Hall said.

“I can’t believe it, all he wanted to do was raise £1,000 for doing 100 good deeds, but now he’s made such a difference and [he has] the kindness foundation.

“It’s given him a value to himself. For the last 17 years of his life someone has always had to do things for him, but it’s given him this confidence that’s spurred him on and to show that you can do anything.

“To think when he was diagnosed, we were told he would never walk or talk or sit up even; he’s come from that and to think what he’s achieved.”

Source: BBC