Teen pushes man in wheelchair during storm warning

A St. Louis teen who helped a man in a wheelchair get home when severe weather hit this week is getting some much-deserved recognition.

Gregory Beck as at the grocery store when storm sirens were going off.

“Everybody kept telling me the storm’s coming, you need to kinda hurry up and get home,” Beck said.

Getting home isn’t as easy for Beck, who lost his right leg last July, and his left in March. He has diabetes, which also has made him legally blind.

Getting honked and yelled at for trying to cross the street.



“Everybody kept telling me the storm’s coming, you need to kinda hurry up and get home.”



He made it to this gas station when a car pulled up with Amber Gilleylen and her son 16-year-old son Seth Philips.

“This lady and her son were hollering at me, like, ‘You OK?’” Beck said.

Seth asked his mom if he could help Beck out.

Gregory Beck (Image: Fox 19)

“Without a second thought Seth jumped out of the car and went over to him,” Gilleylen said.

Gilleylen recorded video on her cell phone of Seth pushing Beck to his home up a hill – about a quarter mile.

“But it does take me probably 20-25 minutes if I do it by myself. I usually have to stop about 10 times,” Beck said.

Seth’s great-grandpa was also a double amputee, but that’s not why this 16-year-old helped a stranger.

“We need to be caring for each other. We need to be helping each other out,” Seth said.

Gregory Beck (Image: Fox 19)
Gregory Beck (Image: Fox 19)

He certainly makes mom and this man he now calls a friend proud.

“The greatest people. Just very concerned about other people, which America needs to start doing more of,” Beck said.

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the man to get him an electric wheelchair.

Source: Fox 19