Teacher learns she’s a match and plans to donate kidney to student

It’s a valuable lesson not taught in the Summit Christian Academy textbooks out of Missouri.

It’s also a moment Ian Ferguson said he’s hoped for since he was placed on the kidney transplant list last year.

“It’s been failing my whole life. We’ve just always been hoping for me not to go on dialysis and to get a kidney transplant and hopefully as fast as possible,” the Summit Christian Academy sophomore said.


” I think partially the Lord has blessed me in this way and prepared me. I was ready to give my kidney up a long time ago.”


Born with chronic kidney disease, he knew the road to finding a match would not be easy.

But never did he think his match would come the way it did.

“I was surprised when it was a SCA teacher, especially one I have not had. I’ve not had Mrs. Cox, and I think it’s real special,” Ian said.

Courtney Cox has been teaching 6th grade at Summit Christian Academy for four years.

She said, along with the rest of the staff and students, she prayed daily for Ian. But she knew there was a special calling placed on her life to help.

“I felt like the Lord was telling me to get tested. I knew right away that I was going to be a match. I don’t know how to explain that other than it was from the Lord,” Cox said.

The decision very personal for the Summit Christian.

Her son undergoing surgery on his kidneys seven years ago. It’s a situation she believes helped to prepare her for this moment.

“I had made the decision 7 years ago. I had already researched what it takes to give somebody your kidney. I think partially the Lord has blessed me in this way and prepared me. I was ready to give my kidney up a long time ago,” she said.

It was a selfless act by Cox, one Ian’s mother said she’ll never be able to repay.

“Somebody would choose to save my son’s life. She chose to get tested,” said Diane Ferguson, Ian’s mom and also a Summit Christian teacher. “How do you ever thank someone for that? For saving your son’s life? You`ll never be able to repay that.”

Ian’s now ready for the life-saving surgery he needs. That surgery isn’t scheduled yet. Doctors predict Ian’s kidney functions could last up to three years.

Cox said she’s ready to donate when Ian needs it.

Source: FOX4KC