Student With Rare Brain Disorder Admitted to University of Tennessee

When Kevin Mager was diagnosed at birth with Agenesis of corpus callosum, his mother, Amy Mager, knew Kevin’s life would be different from other youths.

Agenesis of corpus callosum is congenital brain disorder caused by either the complete or partial absence of the agenesis in the brain. (The agenesis is the portion of the brain that connects the two hemispheres allowing following continuous neurological synaptic connections to be maintained.)

However, to the joy of both Kevin and his mom, on April 12, Kevin received his acceptance letter to the University of Tennessee’s FUTURE program.

Commenting on her son’s acceptance letter, Mager said, “You know when Kevin was born with this condition, we were devastated thinking of what can we do to make it better. Of course we did anything and everything we could for him and he has come a long way. Kevin has worked very hard to get where he is now. When he opened that letter it was like opening the lottery.”

The FUTURE program at the University of Tennessee helps students with special needs transition successfully between high school to adult life.

When Kevin starts in the fall, he hopes to study meteorology.

“Meteorology, storm chasing. Storm chasing more than anything, you get to learn not at your own place, but nature’s pace,” said Kevin.

Grateful for the opportunity to start college, Kevin offered the following advice to others grappling with health challenges, “Just live your best life. Anyway you can, and anyway you will.”

Source: WVLT