Stroke Survivor Baptized at 80

Source: Baptist Press

Three-time stroke survivor Fred Hall had one goal if God would restore his health – get baptized.

One day during a pastoral visit at the hospice center where Hall resided, he informed his pastor, Dale Rogers, that he was interested in being baptized.

“He was pretty bad off. They didn’t think he was going to make it. He couldn’t hardly lift his head or anything,” Rogers said. “He got better and I went in there one time to visit him and caught him crawling on the floor.

“I said, ‘what are you doing?’ He said, ‘Well, I can’t walk yet, but I can sure crawl.’ He told me there, that when he got back, able to do it, he wanted to be baptized. And I had a 15-year-old who had just received the Lord, and (Hall) wanted to be baptized with him.”

As a part of the Southern Baptist Convention Baptism Sunday, Rogers baptized Hall at Dunham Woods Baptist Church.

Rogers said, “Since he could walk, he wanted to be baptized to rededicate his life. He wanted everybody to see that just because he was in hospice, doesn’t mean it was it, it was over with. God just moved in his life and brought him out of hospice. After three strokes, he got in the pool and he was able to get out of the pool.”

Reflecting on his experience of baptizing Hall, Rogers said his life story is “truly a miracle.”

“Fred Hall, he’s just one of them miracles that happened to us,” Rogers said. “He’s my door greeter now. We may have to sit a chair there for him, but he greets everybody coming in.” 

Grateful to be alive, Hall said he just wants to serve God as long as he can.

Source: Baptist Press