South Carolina Couple Returns Coins Valued at $15,000

The Munfords on their new front porch Source: Good News Network

Local South Carolina couple, James and Clarissa Munford were excited about finally purchasing their new home.  The previous occupants had described it as their dream house and had lived for more than 32 years.

When the Munfords moved in, they discovered a hidden and forgotten collection of 50 gold and silver coins in their new home.

Valued at more than $15,000, the coins now legally belonged to the Munfords. However, that didn’t feel right to James and Clarissa. So after very little consideration, the couple decided to return the coins to the previous homeowners.

The previous owners were astonished and said, “There is an old saying: ‘You reap what you sow.’ My wife and I spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure that we left our home in excellent condition for the Munfords, and one good deed was certainly returned by another!”

(The sellers of the home prefer to remain anonymous, but said they hope their story helps bring hope during these difficult and divisive times.)

Source: Good News Network