Soul-Food Restaurant Has a No Prices & Only Accepts Donations

Owners of Drexell & Honeybee’s Freddie McMillan, Lisa Thomas-McMillan, and family friend (Left to right). Source: Good News Network

A local Alabama restaurant in the town of Brewton is serving meals to guests and only charging donations.

At Drexell & Honeybee’s, there are no prices or cash registers. Just amazing soul food.  With a rotating menu that contains a hearty selection of southern dishes, Drexell & Honeybee’s is known for their hospitality. 

Dishes range from: fried chicken, cornbread, collard greens, and more.  After dinner diners eat their fill of hearty portions of blueberry cobbler.  Owners, Freddie and Lisa Thomas-McMillan make no profit from the restaurant and donate 100% of the donations collected back into the restaurant to serve the people.

When asked why they run their business the way they do, the McMillan’s replied, “with a full stomach, a full heart, and the understanding that you are loved and worthy of love.”

Lisa, a former food bank manager, believes it’s her role to open her home to serve those in need.  Drawing on her experiences of experience she had in second grade when another girl would share her lunch, Lisa because her sandwich was better in exchange for Lisa’s peanut butter and jelly. 

“‘Feed the Need’ is our mission statement,” Lisa told reporters, “Whatever needs people have, if we can help them… we will.”

Despite the pandemic making managing the restaurant a little more tricky in recent months, the McMillan’s are committed to maintaining their generosity and keeping the restaurant open.

Lisa commented, “The end of June we figured out a way to do to-go orders and keep everyone safe…It is working out very well and we feel so proud to be able to do what we do, with COVID-19 affecting so many people.”

“When my husband and I opened, we agreed to put a portion of our retirement back into the running of the restaurant… as you can imagine donations are down, but we will continue to try and be of service to all the people that come to our door.”

Source: Good News Network