Sister Makes Video for Autistic Brother’s New Class

Touched by her fifth grade daughter’s attempt to help her younger brother transition to a new school, Tania Van Bree posted a video on Facebook of her fifth grade daughter Elli offering some tips to her classmates at their local elementary school.

In the video, Elli introduces her brother Willem and explains his autism diagnosis. She says, “Sometimes new kids, or loud places, scare him because his ears and eyes are extra sensitive.”

Next, she proceeds to offer 4 tips about how her classmates at Elm Grove Elementary can help Willem feel comfortable when they meet him. Elli concludes the video saying, “Overall, he’s a kid like you and me, and, I hope you love him as much as I do.”

Moved by the video, the principal and school administration will be airing the video during the school announcements to help support Willem’s transition to the school and spread awareness of autism.To watch Elli’s video click on the link below:

Source: The Denver Channel