Show Elephants Return to Nature Sanctuary

Two performance elephants bred in captivity and raised in a zoo were returned to a 250-acre jungle sanctuary in Thailand.

Facilitated in part by the COVID-19 pandemic recession, zoos, like many other businesses, have been facing cuts.  When Phuket Zoo could no longer support maintaining its elephants, the Save Elephant Foundation intervened to identify a safe sanctuary for the elephant pair. 

Initially, it appeared that the foundation would only have the resources to relocate one of the two elephants – Tang Mo and San Mueang.  However, after a series of posts on social media, the Save Elephant Foundation was able to raise the necessary funds to safely relocate both elephants to Elephant Nature Park.

Ry Emmerson of Elephant Nature Park stated, “We believe in the healing, beautiful bond these two share and we can’t wait to see them enjoy the rest of their lives together as they remember what it feels like to be an elephant.”If you’d like to donate to Elephant Nature Park and support their mission of providing sanctuary to elephants, visit

Source: Good News Network