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"Poverty in the USA. Help the Poor and Poverty"
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One in five children in the United States are growing up in families struggling with poverty. As high unemployment persists and safety networks fray, FaithSocial is working tirelessly to help ensure children and families in the U.S. receive the vital basics they need to get back on their feet.

Your gift to help children and families in the U.S. will provide the basics children living in poverty in our country need to thrive — essentials like food, clothing, school supplies, academic mentoring, training, and more.

Thank you for giving children in our nation’s distressed communities the resources and confidence they desperately need for a brighter future.

  • $25
  • $50
  • $75
  • $150
  • $300
  • Other

$25 - Your donation of $25 dollars can purchase a gas gift card for the parents of a child being treated. This relieves the financial burden that comes with needing treatment each week.

$50 - Your donation of $50 dollars will help to pay a family’s water bill. For a child going through treatment, it is crucial they stay healthy because of their immune systems being so low. Having the ability to shower and remain germ free is priceless.

$75 - Your donation of $75 dollars can cover a family's electric bill for the month. You will literally be lighting up their lives!

$150 - Your donation of $150 dollars can purchase a 30- day supply of medication which is often an expense even after insurance.

$300 - Your donation of $300 dollars will help to pay a family’s car payment. A child impacted by pediatric cancer averages 7-10 appointments each month. Your donation guarantees that they make every appointment without fear and is able to continue their battle with pediatric cancer.

Other - Any amount donated to help these families makes a huge impact on their lives. Your generosity would help us pay their gas, food, car repairs, car payments, rent and more!

Make my gift in honor or memory of a friend or loved one.

Please make your personal/company check payable to FaithSocial and mail them to:

Orlando, Florida 32819

You will receive a receipt in the mail within 30 days.

Make a donation by phone by calling