Secret Santa Continues to Surprise East Idaho Community

In a truly life-changing gift, a man who can’t afford to get his teeth fixed has been given the present of a new smile—thanks to a Secret Santa who’s been performing miracles for people all over Idaho Falls.

East Idaho’s Secret Santa is continuing to make an impact. Last week, we shared the story of Diana Boldman, a McDonald’s worker and grandmother who received an unforgettable gift. (View previous story.)

This week, Secret Santa surprised Alyn, a local homeless person in the community. Alyn was a temp worker for several years in Idaho Falls before falling on hard times and being unable to make ends meet. Prior to getting a permanent full-time job, Alyn decided to get his teeth pulled because he couldn’t afford to get them repaired after having several oral issues as the result of a severe tooth infection.

Secret Santa found out about Alyn’s story and brought him a new set of dentures.  See the full story below.

Source: Good News Network