Seattle Native Returns $10,000 Found In Wallet

No one expects to lose their wallets or purse anywhere, especially after going to the bank. For Michael King of Washington, it was like the scene of a horror movie to leave his wallet with the $10,000 he had just withdrawn from the bank on top of his car and drive off.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, King said, “I just took the withdrawal that day, and I don’t know what compelled me to leave it on the bumper of the truck… I am just flabbergasted that it didn’t get picked up by somebody else. It would have crippled us to have that amount of money disappear.”

Noticing what looked like cash floating in the wind, Steve Harrison on his route to COSTCO pulled cover to find the cash and the wallet. Counting a whooping $10,003. Harrison said, “I never took seriously the notion of keeping it. It’s just simpler to do the right thing. Once I realized that there was an ID involved, I knew I would return the money.”

After arranging a meeting with King, Harrison returned the funds to an elated King.  The retired contractor wasn’t able to give Harrison a cash prize, but offered a jar of homemade applesauce made with love and care. Additionally, King promised home-smoked salmon, homemade blackberry jam, and many more tasty treats in the future.

Grateful for the applesauce, Harrison expressed satisfaction at just knowing he had done the right thing.

Source: Seattle Times