School Bus Driver Completes College Degree

Farmingham High School bus driver Clayton Ward’s typical bus route is all but ordinary.  Beyond ensuring the safety of the students he transports, Ward, encouraged students never doubt themselves and always do their best. 

Ward remarked, “I really enjoy working with kids, especially the high school students, and during the bus routes, we would chat about their classes. As a history buff, I would share lessons that I learned in school and we talked a lot about academics.” [Block quote feature] The accumulation of these conversations overtime, according to Ward, “renewed his sense of passion for expanding and teaching young minds.”Enrolling at MassBay Community College in May 2019, every semester Ward made the Dean’s List and was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society. In May, he graduated with a perfect 4.0 average which additionally, earned him the All-Divisional Award for having the highest GPA in the Humanities and Social Sciences division. 

Remarking on his journey, Ward said, “It wasn’t always easy. I would drive my route in the morning and afternoon, take a class in between shifts, and take night classes and classes online to complete my degree requirements. I would think of those students and all the years I wanted to make this happen, and it helped me focus my energy.” 

Ward plans to continue his studies by transferring to a four-year college and becoming a high school history teacher.

Source: Good News Network