Santa Claus Surprises 400 Residents of Edmonton with Gift Cards

In a year of many hardships, Santa Claus went out of his way in the Canadian city of Edmonton to help make sure families had a merry Christmas.

An anonymous St. Nick left approximately 400 envelopes on people’s doorsteps containing an inspirational rhyme and a $250 gift card to help bring some holiday cheer.

One of the recipients was Elisha Tennant, who had been laid off during the pandemic. She tearfully told CBS news, “To have something like this, I mean, that’s a month of groceries for us. It was just very heartwarming and touching that someone would do that.”

For residents who didn’t need a little extra helping hand, Santa advised they share the blessing with some they knew in need:

“Whatever it is that you set out to do, remember to just believe in you. Don’t need this? Please pass the baton, for that is the way hope carries on.”

Motivated by Santa several recipients did just that, donating their gift cards to charity.

The anonymous Santa described his motivation as stemming from an awareness that “that lots of people have had a really tough year and I had the means to help out…I hope the gifts gave people a sense that the world is good and there is a brighter future not far ahead.”

Source: Good News Network