Russian Christians Help Essential Workers Combat COVID-19

Evangelical Christians in Russia have distributed 1.5 million free meals to healthcare workers and families impacted by COVID-19. Currently, Russia has the fourth highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the world and medical staff often work in non-optimal conditions and are not paid well. Even in normal times, the average monthly salary for many Russians is less than $500.

Organized by the Slavic Gospel Association as part of their “Christ Over COVID” campaign, evangelical Christians in Russia, despite being less than 1% of the population are seeking to witness Christ love through outreach and evangelism.  

While distributing food packages at a local hospital in Tula located 120 miles south of Moscow, one local pastor remarked to hospital personnel, “We’d like to share with you that God loves you very much.”  A grateful healthcare worker responded,  “We wish there (were) more people of light like you.” 

While distributing food packages in Pokrovsk, a town in east Russia, church members prayed with Natalya and her husband, Sergei after receiving a food package Sergei gave his life to Christ, stopped drinking and secured a good job.

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Source: Religious News Service