Robotic Pets Bring Joy to Seniors

Dogs are man’s best friend.  But what about robotic animals? Can robotic animal-like pets provide the same benefits as their real pet counterparts?

Research has long suggested that the companionship pets provide therapeutic benefits. These include lowering blood pressure, enhancing social interactions, and alleviating loneliness and anxiety.

“The simple act of petting animals releases an automatic relaxation response,” a report from UCLA Health uncovered. “Humans interacting with animals have found that petting the animal promoted the release of serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin—all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods.”

This has given rise to robotic companion animals from companies like Joy For All Companion Pets. Ted Fisher, CEO of Joy For All Companion Pets said, “We have technology that allows you to respond to touch and sound and light in different ways.”

Preliminary research suggests that even robotic pets have even been shown to help improve the quality of life for dementia patients leading to some suggests robotic pets may become more of a fixture at nursing homes and senior care facilities.

Source: Good News Network