Radio Enthusiast Credited with Saving Friend

Bill Scott of San Joaquin County is credited with saving the life of his friend from hundreds of miles away after hearing a distress call on his radio that he carries everywhere.

“On Saturdays, I’ll hear check-ins from just about every part of the world,” he explained.

Spending hours daily on the radio every day, Scott has become known by family and friends as a bit of a radio enthusiast. Whether taking a walk, on vacation or attending a social gathering, wherever Scott goes, so goes his radio. An amateur radio operator for more than 40 years, Scott has connected with hundreds around the world ranging from France, South African and even the International Space Station.

This past June, Scott received a phone call from his friend Skip Kritcher who lives 500 miles away in Myrtle Point, Oregon.

Scott said, “It was all kind of skewed and everything. I thought it was a prank call at first and so then after we finally established, he said ‘You are an amateur radio operator,’ and I said ‘Yeah’, then it all started coming together.”

Kritcher, an elderly gentleman himself, had fallen on the floor and was attempting to dial his son but mistakenly dialed Scott. Informing Scott of his situation Scott jumped into action.

Sharon, Scott’s wife and a retired nurse, recognized Kritcher’s condition as the signs of a stroke.

“The speech that he had was slurred and my husband couldn’t seem to keep him on task, he was skipping all over and confused,” she explained.

“I was nervous because I didn’t want to lose my friend,” said Scott.

When the call dropped, the Scotts called 9-1-1. Having been to Kritcher’s house before, the couple was able to direct first responders to Kritcher’s house.

Sharon Scott recalls, “ the EMT told her that he would’ve died within a couple of hours left unattended.”

“It’s pretty awesome, they are great people, you know. I’m just glad I called them,” Kritcher said.

Source: CBS Sacramento