Proud dad Al Roker raves about his son’s Special Olympics swim meet wins

This Father’s Day was one to remember for Al Roker!

While he and his family feasted on barbecue Sunday, the festivities actually kicked off the day before the official holiday — when TODAY’s weatherman-and-more took on the role of proud pop as he watched his 16-year-old son swim to success.


“So proud of my boy.”


“Nick competed, for the first time, at the statewide Special Olympics in New York,” he explained during the 3rd hour of TODAY Monday. “He won a gold medal in the 25-yard butterfly and a gold medal in the 50-yard (freestyle).”

That’s right — two gold medals on the first try.

“So proud of my boy,” Al wrote beside a clip from the freestyle on Instagram, along with a message of congratulations to all the athletes.

And in another post, he shared a set of photos from the big event showing off Nick’s medals and a whole lot of eager supporters, from friends to coaches to family — including beaming mom Deborah Roberts.

Nick, as Al wrote in a recent essay for Guideposts magazine, is “somewhere on the (autism) spectrum and maybe obsessive-compulsive,” though Al added that “those labels can be frustrating; they don’t begin to describe who Nick really is.”

And as Nick proved Saturday — and as he’s proved so many times before, like when he earned his black belt in taekwondo — he’s actually a talented, hardworking young man who may have special needs, but he also has special abilities and strengths that continue to impress those around him.

Source: TODAY