Presbyterian Announces Center for the Repair of Racial Harms

Source: Presbyterian Mission

On the final day of the Presbyterian Mission Agency (PMA) Board Meeting, the members voted to allocate $9 million to address clerical discernment, historical racism/sexism, and assist with upgrades to several Presbyterian office buildings.

Funds from the historic vote will be used to create several new offices: the Office of Innovation, Discernment and Visioning and the Center for the Repair of Historical Harms over a 5 year period. Additionally, $246,000 will go to this year’s Presbyterian Youth Triennium to help keep the youth safe with the necessary COVID-19 safety protocols.

Rev. Dr. Diane Moffett, PMA’s President and Executive Director, said the Center for Repair of Historical Race Harms will receive a majority of the organization’s budget allocation.

“We want to make a substantial investment in healing historical harms,” Moffett told the board. “It’s not for people to sit in a seat of guilt, but for people who want to move.”

Rev. Gregory Bentley, Co-Moderator of the 224th General Assembly (2020), said, “We are serious about divesting ourselves of an empire consciousness and taking on a kingdom consciousness to be clothed in Christ.”

Remarking on what he referred to as “the ABCs of the church” — Attendance, Building and Cash — are vital for church vital for congregational survival and renewal, we as a body of Christ have to become more aware of noticing what God is up to.

“This work positions us to see what God is doing and allows us to answer with a resounding ‘yes,’” Bentley said. “I’m going to invest myself fully in this process. I believe God has gathered all of us for such a time as this, for a new outpouring of the Spirit on the church.”

With endorsements resounding from across the virtual platform that facilitate PMA’s three day board meeting, Dr. Moffet commented that the organization’s strategic plan is something to feel “hopeful.”

She added, “It’s not enough for us to confess it. You’ve got to face it, but you also have to fix it.”

Through the Center for the Repair of Historical Harms, PMA hopes it will be able to help not only fix but heal divisions that will allow us to more fully see and celebrate God.

Source: Presbyterian Mission