Pregnant woman looking for good Samaritans who helped her at Family Dollar

A pregnant mom in Killeen, Texas said she hopes to find the good Samaritans who jumped to her aid after she fainted at a Family Dollar last Thursday, May 30th.

Kila Pringle is five months pregnant with her second child. While she was checking out at the Family Dollar on Stan Schlueter Loop in Killeen on Thursday, she started feeling hot and dizzy.


“Wow, God has sent these angels to protect me and my baby.”


Moments later she fainted, but thankfully the cashier and customers who were in line came to her rescue. They called her family and even paid for her items. They also waited until the ambulance came and prayed over her.

“And for me that was huge because I was so scared,” Pringle said. “All I could hear was prayer, and that really just made me feel like ‘Wow, God has sent these angels to protect me and my baby.’ It was just such a blessing,”

Pringle said she did find the store employee and was able to thank her, but she would also like to find the customers so she could thank them too.

She and the baby are doing just fine. Pringle said her doctors told her a low iron count mixed with the heat caused her to faint.

Source: KCEN