Pope Francis Encourages Climate Activists

In recent weeks, Pope Francis has been actively praising young climate activists in an effort to cross cultural engagement promoting care for the environment.

Pope Francis said, “There must be harmony between people, men and women, and the environment. We are not enemies; we are not indifferent. We are part of this cosmic harmony.” He continued, “It is time to make wise decisions so that we can make use of the many experiences gained in recent years, in order to make possible a culture of care, a culture of responsible sharing.”

The pope’s remarks made at the “Youth4Climate” gathering in Milan was attended to raise awareness about the upcoming U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in November. During the three-day, young climate leaders gathered with government officials to propose ideas and concrete proposals on some of the most urgent issues on the climate agenda.

Additionally, the pope said the Vatican said he would be supportive of the Council of Europe deciding to create “a new legal instrument to link the care of the environment to the respect of fundamental human rights.”

“There is no more time to wait; we must act. Any instrument that respects human rights, the principles of democracy and the rule of law — all fundamental values of the Council of Europe, can be useful to face this global challenge,” he said.

He concluded his remarks saying, “Let us act with hope, courage and willingness, making concrete decisions. They cannot be put off until tomorrow, if their purpose is to protect the common home and the dignity of every human being.”

The U.N. Climate Change Conference, called COP26, in Glasgow is scheduled for October 31 – November 12, 2021.

Source: Catholic News