Police officer befriends shooting victim after saving his life

Memphis Police need help finding 35-year-old Antonio Tate, who is wanted on attempted murder charges for a shooting last month in North Memphis, Tennessee.

One of the victims, who was shot multiple times, is still alive thanks to a quick-thinking Memphis police officer and the medical training he received at the academy.

“We got a call of shots fired,” said Officer Chris Williams, Memphis Police.

This is a story of an officer and a gentleman whose lives would cross paths in the most unfortunate way.

“All I remember, I was walking to the door of my grandmother house and shots just rang out,” said Dontay Jones, victim.

“I’ve encountered many, many shootings. People struck, you know, things of that nature, but this situation was unique,” said Williams.

Officer Chris Williams arrived in the 800 block of Breedlove on May 16.

A large emotional group had gathered, looking to help 32-year-old Dontay Jones who was suffering from two gunshot wounds.

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He was losing blood and fast, inside a corner grocery store he ran to for help.

“When you talk about being shot with an assault rifle in the chest, it’s very serious,” said Williams.

Officer Williams’ weeks of medic training in the Memphis Police academy came to good use.

He sprang into action, tending to the wounds and stayed until the ambulance arrived.

“I knew God was somewhere. He sent an angel to me. Officer Williams had helped me. He came to the rescue,” said Jones.

Jones was rushed to Regional One and that is where you would think the story would end.

“But Dante… just rubbed me a certain type of way,” said Williams. “And I said, ‘I’m going to reach out to him, to see how he’s doing.’ I did and we struck up a friendship.”

The two have kept in touch, forever bonded by a moment they both will never forget.

“It’s just overwhelming. It’s a good feeling that you know that you’re doing something right,” said Williams.

Source: WMC