Perseverance After A Storm

Source: United Methodist News

As a result of a recent windstorm on March 8, 2022, the historic United Methodist Church’s Mulungwishi Mission in the South Congo/Zambia Episcopal Area sustained significant damages to its buildings and resulted in injuries to one student.

Located about 93 miles from the city of Lubumbashi, in southwestern greater Katanga, the mission was founded in 1913 by the first bishop, John Springer, and was used to house the first United Methodist university in Congo.

At the time of the storm, the Mulungwishi Mission housed a university, a women’s school, a medical clinic, and elementary and secondary schools.

Rector of the Methodist University in Katanga Professor Kongolo Chijika said, “We made an inventory to assess the damage. It is very huge for us. The women’s school, the boarding school for girls of humanities, the boarding school for boys, the houses — all the roofs have been washed away and even the frames broken.”

The United Methodist Church’s Board of Global Ministries has rallied to support the school and annual conference, pledging assistance for both repairs and compensation for the cost of medical bills associated with the student who was injured who remains in intensive care.

Deputy director of the women’s school Musolo Kongolo said, “I was in the building with two wives of student pastors and two workers. We were all afraid of the way the rain and wind were increasing, and we began to pray to implore the hand of the Lord on us, as we already felt in danger. All of a sudden, we saw the roof ripped off the building.”

Remarking in an interview, Professor Chijika said, “The situation is very serious.”

Choosing to accentuate the positives, he updated members of the annual conference’s leadership team despite the critical condition of the injured student, he is on the road to recovery and the church has been extremely supportive with providing direct relief, medical services, and coordination with the national government.

Despite the nonoptimal situation Professor Chijika and the faculty of the mission find themselves in, they remain resolute in ensuring that classes and services will be able to resume expeditiously.

“We will not be defeated,” Chijika proclaimed.To learn more about how you can help support relief to the Mulungwishi Mission please visit

Source: United Methodist News