Pastor Preaches 100 Straight Sermons

Pastor Castleberry baptizing a new member. Source: Baptist Press

After preaching 100 sermons in 100 days, Toby Castleberry, pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, quite naturally has advice to give pastors. The main one? Be conscious that you cannot accomplish a feat like that with your own strength.  

“It felt like I had a tiger by the tail at that point,” he said, adding that it became about the ability to focus and trust God would carry him through each sermon.

“You pray for this day, you work for this day, you study for this day and you preach for this day. I think I had six funerals during this time, and your day is already pretty crowded,” he said. “Yet, things worked out and God always provided.”

Castleberry challenged himself to preach the sermons in an attempt to help reconnect individuals with church struggling to return to in-person worship after the pandemic. Each night at 6pm (in addition to his Sunday morning responsibilities), he preached from the series theme “So Loved” focused on John 3:16.

The final 10 days were tough physically, Castleberry said, something perhaps only pastors can appreciate. “Trying to explain this is kind of tough,” he said. “It’s a ‘heavy’ kind of tired.”

However, the most exciting news Castleberry shared was eight individuals attending in person gave their lives to Christ and two new families joined the church.

Sue Mitchell, a longtime church member who attended each night of worship said she noticed that a core group of 85 people attended almost every night and was extremely grateful she had.

She said, the congregation seems stronger and was grateful that Pastor Castleberry felt led to preach these sermons.

Source: Baptist Press